Hillary Spews Lies About Bernie

A lot of people hate Hillary. I never did until now. But I have finally joined the ranks of Hillary Haters. After the bilge she has spewed about Bernie on the Howard Stern show, I loath her forever.

It was bad enough that she elbowed her way into the nomination in 2016 when the people really wanted Bernie. But Hillary and Her Towering Ego just had to have the nomination. She had lost to Obama which must have been a devastating blow. But now, she wasn’t about to lose to Bernie as well, not Hillary, the consummate insider. So she got what she believed she was entitled to: the Democratic nomination to president for 2016. After all. She only had to run against crazy Donald Trump. A walk in the park. She thought. She wouldn’t even have to break out into a mild sweat. So she didn’t make much effort. She was entitled to the presidency. Right? Wasn’t she?

And guess what? She lost. She unloosed Trump upon the world. A high crime if there ever was one. So what does she do? In true psychopathic fashion, she blames everyone and everything except the one person who deserved the blame: Herself. She blamed Russia. She blamed Bernie. Shame on her. I always thought she was a Narc. A malignant one, true. But only a Narc. But now I have to face the fact that she must be a Psychopath. Only a  Psychopath could be immune to that much shame and not die of it.

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